2019 Summer School

2 weeks: 22 July - 2 August

3 weeks: 22 July - 9 August

Be Shiny. Be Happy. Be You.

English and other 4 other languages options (Italian, French, German and Russian)


Physical & Outdoor Activities

Horse riding, swimming, sailing, hiking, soccer, tennis... 

Art & Design

Painting, art appreciation, photography, fashion & jewellery design, music, dance, theatre training...

Cultural & Sightseeing Trips

Day trip to Italy (Como and Milan) and Switzerland (Bellinzona, Locarno...)

Enhancing social skills,  self confidence and learning abilities through group activities and games

Socializing & Self Development

Enroll together with a friend before 30 April, 2019,

each of you can get a 5% off discount.

Enroll together
to get a 5% off discount

A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope. 

Howard Thurman

Be Shiny. Be Happy. Be You.

Stephen Wong, Founder of Light Up Life